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Data has become one of the most relevant topics in the age of digitalization. It is “the world’s most valuable resource” (The Economist), often named “the new oil” (Clive Humby) – a difficult analogy to some extent as oil reserves dwindle whereas data and data resources multiply on a daily basis.

There is hardly any industry that is not working with, relying on, built upon or even being disrupted by data. And there is practically no individual exempt from the developments around data as we constantly use, share, or in fact pay with our data.

The topic is truly international as data travels fast, practically at no cost. Borders do not exist in times of the Internet but are often artificially created by local compliance requirements or then again taken down by an internationalization of the legal frameworks.

At the Special Interest Group DATA, we address any subject around or associated with data. Relevant topics will continue emerging and we very much welcome your ideas. For now, we will concentrate on what we think are the four pillars of the actual discussions around data:

Privacy is one of the most relevant topics in the world of data. It indeed has widespread implications across the globe as new privacy rules have been or will be enacted in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America, and North America, particularly including the US. With the California Consumer Privacy Act, follower laws in many other states, and the discussions around a federal US privacy law, the US privacy landscape is in flux. At the same time, European data protection authorities are getting very serious with executing the GDPR by applying previously unprecedented fines. Furthermore, the social-cultural discussion on privacy is evolving in California and Europe, in politics, in the industry, in B2B and B2C.

Cyber Security is a major threat to the digitalized world. Across the globe, governments, societies, businesses, and individuals are facing critical challenges regarding cyberspace, data integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, and more often trust. As a response to the increasing amount of cyber threats, companies, organizations, and also governments are requested to introduce cyber security strategies as well as forces to execute them. Where attackers run fast, cyber security must run faster. The phrase ‘it is not a question whether you will be hacked but only when’ is common. Can we only extend the “when” or is there a way to eliminate the “whether”?

Data Business is big business. Information about demographics, interests, preferences, locations, activities, health, financial situation, friends, shopping behaviours, and infinite other data is of high value not only for the data-driven industry but for nearly all kind of businesses and use cases. Big Data and the Internet of Things are pushing the significance of data to the next level. Our group understands Data Business in the broadest sense, including all the buzzwords such as Data monetization, Data brokerage, Data as a Service, Data analytics, Data science, Data based decision making, or simply data tools. We look at personal and non-personal data, sellers and buyers, start-ups and large players.

Big Data is data that contains greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and with ever-higher velocity. Since Gartner used these three Vs to define Big Data in 2001, there have been more Vs added such as validity, vulnerability, volatility, veracity and value – making it obvious that Big Data refers to all identified pillars of the Special Interest Group DATA. There seem to be unlimited use cases for Big Data that have to be integrated, managed and – most importantly – analyzed, with the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence being the most prominent examples.

Come and join the conversation.


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