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The Future of Content

Whether to inform or entertain, content of all sorts has been competing for our attention all along. However, with the sheer intent to mislead or redirect the public opinion – and by doing so undermining true, trustworthy and verifiable information – the phenomenon of ‘Fake news’ is spinning its way into all layers of society. “Alternative facts” are to create alternative realities, pseudo realities that transcend content as we know it to become an existential threat to our democracy as it has been carefully crafted.

This new journalistic artform – celebrated and leveraged by some, condemned by even more – is out for deceit of our inner common sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong.

These new content realities meddle with our values and have shown their potential to overturn not only political power structures but entire societal belief systems.

The discussion around the future of content was almost dead, but the mind-boggling events dominating the Brexit and US election in 2016 together with more elections coming up in Europe this year – there’s one thing for certain: It’s time to talk about content again.