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Covid-19 Vaccines in Record Time

Virtual Event

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into 2021 and vaccination campaigns are underway, we want to discuss what lies ahead with leading experts from industry and academia, the US and Germany. While science has amassed a truly amazing and unprecedented amount of knowledge about SARS-CoV2 and the biotech industry has produced first vaccines in record time,…

Living a “Double Life” in Germany and the U.S.

Virtual Event

Living in the U.S., planning to relocate to Germany or vice versa? Dual Citizen with ties to both countries and wanting to optimize your cross-border planning? Our "Living a Double Life" event series will cover cross border business topics such as Tax Residency, Immigration, Income/Estate/Gift (Tax) Planning, Asset Ownership and Investing, Retirement and Public Entitlements (e.g. Renten-…

Rocket Launch Your Career – Four Things You Can Do Immediately

Virtual Event

Join our strategy-packed workshop with Beate Chelette, addressing career opportunities and challenges that you need to know about to move your career forward in 2021! What has worked successfully in the past might not work for your immediate future. Find out what has changed and how you have to adjust your skillset and prepare for…

Global Business Outlook 2021

Virtual Event

GABA and the German Consulate present this opportunity to meet leading corporate fund managers from Europe and the U.S. who will share their views of next year's overall financial climate and funding for international technology companies.

Stunt Performer – Yesterday and Today

Virtual Event

Steven Shaw, stuntman, cinematographer, actor, director, invites us in for sharing stories and memories about his career in good old Hollywood. He is best known as photo double for Burt Reynolds and as camera operator/focus puller for E.T. Also joining us...

Current and Future US-German Relations

Virtual Event

A Virtual Roundtable with Peter Beyer, Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation of the German Government, Member of the CDU, Angela Merkel's Party

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