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Are Hybrid Work Models Here to Stay?

Virtual Event

It’s clear that the pandemic has accelerated trends around the future of work that were nascent pre-pandemic, and are now being implemented, so it seems, with intensity and speed never imagined before. In particular, the “hybrid work models”, a mandated…

Survival to Thrival – a fireside chat with Tae Hea Nahm

Virtual Event

Building an enterprise startup from an idea on a whiteboard into a sustainable industry-leading business is every entrepreneur’s dream. It is also hard work! If you are an entrepreneur, a start-up employee, or an investor anywhere on the enterprise startup…

Pitch for Success

Virtual Event

For better or for worse, pitching is the way the film industry filters people and projects on a sea of noise. Over the years, pitching film projects has become an art and a science. Countless books, papers, and articles have…

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