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Angelika Blendstrup & Associates, US Professional Business Communications

We coach international executives and entrepreneurs in US business communications… read more

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. – Ganesh Radhakrishnan

Contact: read more

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. – Jonathan Frankel

Contact: read more

Select Subject Matter Experts for virtualizing your SAP environment

Texperts is a services firm that specializes in SAP Technology (BASIS) and Virtualization, specifically with a focus on cloud-based services and remote support. We are a SAP-certified Hosting and Cloud Provider Partner and have been providing SAP services for more … read more

Empirius – simply the best for automation of system copies

If you want to automate your system copies – just call us. We have the best product to satisfy your requests. Contact: Empirius GmbH Hans Haselbeck ++49-177-7539691 Mail to: read more

EMC Transforms SAP Leveraging Cloud & Big Data

EMC with VMware and VCE can help Transform SAP Cloud Infrastructure leveraging SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager.  SAP Administrators will have end-to-end visibility and be able to intuitively manage both their physical and virtual environments through a single-pane view, helping to … read more

SUSE and SAP – A winning relationship

SUSE and SAP share a long history of cooperation and joint development efforts. Jan Weber, Product Manager SAP at SUSE, outlines the history and joint offerings of SAP and SUSE. Contact:, read more

Laurrey Wellness: longevity and well being

Founded in CA and expanding to Germany, Laurrey Wellness is an international company focused on anti-aging, longevity and well being. We are looking for entrepreneurs in CA and Germany who want to join us. Contact: read more

Ready to Enter the US Market?

Established in 2003 we have helped dozens of high-technology companies meet their target customers, account manage evaluations, and close sales. Our high-tech team with four US offices focuses on Telecommunications; Mobile; Security; eCommerce; Hardware and Software design and verification. Contact: … read more

Hitachi data systems; Cloud at your own pace!

Contact: For more information about Hitachi data systems please follow Tracy on Twitter: Follow@tdoyle49 read more

Tiburon Consulting

Tiburon Consulting can assist with your plans to enter the US market. Contact: Uwe Wagner at read more