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GABA TV is a full service video production and internet marketing service, helping companies gain media exposure in the USA and Germany.

Our team of video producers is experienced in creating engaging and informative content that captivates viewers and delivers a strong call to action. In addition we specialize in internet and e-mail marketing. Our goal is to combine video and the internet to create a captivating experience that delivers results.

Contact us today to learn more:

Pamela Lenz Sommer
Producer and Host
Phone: 650-906 2551

Caroline Raynaud
Executive Director GABA
775 Glenborough Dr., Suite 101
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Phone: 650-386-5015


GABA TV takes great pride in the relationships we build and maintain with our clients. Below are just a few testimonials from our previous customers.


Coulomb Technologies


I wanted to thank you once again for the opportunity to work with you and your team at GABA-TV. The segment earlier this year that featured Coulomb Technologies and our EV charging stations was a great success for us.

We have featured portions of this video in some marketing materials, particularly in our trade show reel packages. This video definitely helped Coulomb to increase our profile in the community at large.

Your team at GABA-TV was extremely professional and hard-working. They were enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. I’d be happy to collaborate with you and your team on any future project.

Mike DiNucci, Vice President Strategic Accounts, Coulomb Technologies


Ecce Terram

Die Vorbereitung war professionell organisiert und man hatte sich die Zeit genommen, unsere Produkte und Ziele zu verstehen.

Die Sendung selbst war gut organisiert. Das Ergebnis war eine ausführliche Sendung, die uns im Vorfeld der für uns wichtigen PMA 2010 Messe in Los Angeles geholfen hat. Teile der Sendung zu denunterschiedlichen Themenbereichen werden wir als 90 Sekunden Clips in unsere neue Webseite einbinden, so dass wir das Ergebnis auch gut zweitverwerten konnten.

Frank Simon, CEO Ecce Terram