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Meet a VC: NewFund Will Answer Your Questions

Virtual Event

Startups & entrepreneurs: What you always wanted to know from a VC and never had the opportunity to ask. Are you ready to pitch at the right level? Are you clear on what VCs are looking for? Get your questions…

AI: The Next Digital Revolution – Is Germany Prepared?

Virtual Event

Artificial Intelligence - Is Germany prepared to lead in the next digital Revolution? What is required - what is lacking? How do we ignite and accelerate AI adaption and commercialization to stay competitive?

Covid Testing in a Vaccinated Population: Needed or Obsolete?

Virtual Event

While the number of fully vaccinated people in the U.S. continues to rise and infection numbers remain relatively low, demand for testing has decreased. Schools and many businesses, however, have implemented testing procedures to accelerate a return to campuses and…

GABA Innovation Leaders Happy Hour

Address will be sent with registration confirmation Mountain View

With vaccination rates high and new cases low, it is time to meet again in person outside. If you are a practitioner or a leader of an innovation center and have not yet received a personal invitation, please contact us…

Film Festival Strategy

Virtual Event

Do you feel lost in the film festival world? Sandra Lipski, the founder of The Festival Key, a consulting company for filmmakers and film festivals, shares her knowledge with us about how to build a strong film festival strategy, stop…

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