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Lex Anselm

Lex Anselm

Clean-Tech and Sustainability IG Co-Chair – Southern California

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Consultant at the Beverly Hills branch of Rodeo Realty

As certified negotiator successfully manages client projects in international business, residential, commercial and luxury real estate transactions with a passion for sustainable energy and “green” buildings.

As CSO of Playfone, a global multimedia content provider, he established and managed new markets in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Sweden and the Baltic countries. As Founder and Director of successfully established a social networking platform.

In his earlier career as a professional athlete, he won the German Championships as a break dancer, the 2000 MTV talent awards out of 3000 competitors, 5th place in the 1996 World Championships in BMX freestyle and holds a Karate brown belt.

He studied business, commercial and real estate law in L.A., engineering in Karlsruhe, and holds a B.A. in International Business Administration of the European University in Hamburg, Germany.

Fluent in English, German and Russian and with a working knowledge in Italian and Dutch, he has lived in six countries, and worked and travelled in over 35 countries.