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Katrin Jakob, Ph.D.


Life Sciences / Healthcare Interest Group

Founder & CEO of California Business Associates LLC

Katrin Jakob, PhD, is an entrepreneur, scientific and business advisor, and Founder & CEO of California Business Associates LLC, an innovative business accelerator for startup companies in Biotechnology. She has over 20 years experience in plant and microbial biotechnology and R&D project management. She received a Master’s degree in Agriculture from the Humboldt University in Berlin, and a Ph.D. in Crop Science from the University of Giessen, Germany, and performed her postdoctoral research in plant molecular biology & genetics at the University of Chicago. Katrin started her career at the Institute of Crop Science at the Federal Agriculture Research Center in Braunschweig, Germany, and worked at Mendel Biotechnology in California, where she was leading research in plant pathology, molecular breeding, biofuels, plant transformation and microbial technologies to enhance crop productivity and stability.