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Director Startup Partnerships/Venturing – Silicon Valley


  • The company is a digital high-end consumer products startup (part of a larger corporation) who works in partnership with innovators and leaders in new technologies, as well as cooperate with venture capital companies.
  • The company invests directly in new companies that offer ideas and solutions for the digital future.



  • Identify and scout key innovators and startups for the company’s vision and digital business/product offerings.
  • This includes the identification technology, business model and strategy innovations as well as unique talents and teams.
  • Ability to communicate innovations and startup capabilities to other team members.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with emerging organizations and innovators early on by developing networking capabilities, participating in start-up environments and collaborating with VCs, startup incubators and accelerators.
  • Identify and assess investment opportunities in the search areas of premium automotive, mobility and digital lifestyle (create and maintain deal flow)
  • Conduct financial and capabilities due diligence analysis including:
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Technology, business and IP assessments
  • Competition assessment
  • Assessment of financial structure, organizations health
  • Alignment with existing investments and internal as well as other external stakeholders
  • Negotiation of contracts and terms and conditions, dependencies, expectations and exit terms
  • Manage overall startup and financial investment community partnerships; maintain potential investment portfolio



  • At least 10 years of working experience in relevant areas such as information technology, digital business model innovations and startup scouting/partnerships
  • Analytical understanding of new technology and markets evolutions with a specific focus on customer value propositions and opportunities.
  • Being able to be the link between startups and corporate stake holders.
  • Understanding of premium automotive, mobility and lifestyle related industries a plus


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Posted April 30, 2018