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Volunteering and Working for GABA…

German American Business Association of California wants to thank
its volunteers and staff members for their great help and support.

Why volunteer for GABA?

Volunteering is an opportunity to share your talents and stretch your abilities as an important member of our team. By joining our volunteer staff you can learn new skills and expand your network. And, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule tailored to meet your needs and goals.



As a GABA volunteer, you will:

  • Learn new skills and gain valuable job and life experience to apply for a job.Team
  • Improve your German or English by volunteering in a bilingual environment.
  • Gain personal satisfaction by achieving new goals and have something useful to do.
  • Be part of the German-American community and enjoy its uniqueness.
  • Do something you would not have done otherwise or anywhere else.
  • Be part of a great team and get new acquaintances and friends.
  • Meet our members and event attendees, a great plus for your address book.
  • Have fun! As the GABA atmosphere is friendly.



If you want to be part of our team, do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]


Why you should get involved

CottaNestler-Ginader_70x90 Cotta: It is both the task and the team that counts. I immediately felt at home, when I first met the GABA team and I wanted to become one of them, right away. Contributing to the German-American community is a virtue by itself. However, I humbly accept any benefit I may get out of my effort, with respect to skills, networking and friendship.


ManuelaHiller_70x90Manuela: I learned about GABA shortly after my arrival in the Bay Area. I attended a GABA event organized by one of the GABA interest groups. There I got in touch with Caroline and Cornelia. When Cornelia told me that they needed someone who helps to prepare our monthly electronic newsletter I volunteered. Now I’ve been preparingI the newsletter for almost one year. I really enjoy it because it is an important task and I can enhance my programming skills. Apart from that I also assist at GABA events. These events always offer good opportunities to meet interesting people with different backgrounds and to network.

CarolaNeumann2_70x90Carola: Volunteering at the GABA has been a very rewarding experience for many reasons. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, becoming involved with GABA helped me in forming valuable ties to the local business community with professionals from various industries. GABA’s cutting-edge events are always very inspiring and provide great opportunities for networking. From the beginning, the GABA team has been very welcoming and I was impressed about their enthusiasm to run this organization. I wouldn’t like to miss this great opportunity.


Mandy: Before moving to the Bay Area, I helped facilitate German American business cooperation in Chicago. After hearing about GABA from a member, I thought volunteering for them would provide an excellent opportunity to maintain ties to the region’s German business community. Their website’s event calendar pointed me to an interesting event where I met Stefanie. I began volunteering and felt very welcomed by the friendly GABA team. I enjoy supporting them by preparing promotional brochures and programs for the events, along with assisting at those events.


Sonja: Volunteering as a representative of my home country here in the US is a great way to connect the dots in my life. Meeting interesting people from various business backgrounds and working with open-minded volunteers are two of the many reasons why I am proud of being a part of GABA.



Cathrin: I have been volunteering with GABA for a year. I enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing members who regularly attend the GABA Stammtisch in either San Jose or Palo Alto. It is a great opportunity to network and speak German. Attending the events allows me to improve my English and meet interesting professionals from a variety of different industries located in the Bay Area.



Yiman: I have been volunteering for the GABA for almost one year now. I was looking for a position, where I will be able to stay in the professional working environment and improving my English skills. GABA offered me much more than that. On the professional level it gives me a chance to meet interesting people from different cultures and maintaining an international business network in the bay area. On the personal level I gained new friends and it is wonderful experience to be part of an organization, which is constantly growing and succeeding.


Bianca: In 2006, I heard that GABA was looking for volunteers and felt that this was exactly what I needed if I finally moved to the United States. Although I was just on my look&see trip, I met Caroline and decided to apply for the position. Five months later I must say that was a great decision. To work with GABA is the best way for Germans to get in contact with business in US, to proof your abilities in the new environment and enrich the well-structured teamwork of GABA by your experiences. And by the way, attending the GABA events will open your mind to new and interesting topics.

Elisabeth and Mechthild: Through the GABA Stammtisch we became housemates and trustworthy friends. Mechthild had just relocated from Europe as a Green Card winner, and Elisabeth was living alone after having been an Expatriate in different countries. What we have in common is our cultural background, and the strong will to build a successful career in the Bay Area. The supportive community that GABA provides is key for our success and we will keep coming to the professional Gaba events.