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GABA had a big influence on how my life developed here in the Silicon Valley. The same day I arrived at SFO around 4pm I went to the GABA Young Professional meeting in Palo Alto which started at 6pm. I connected to many people but one connection was special. Since he introduced me to his existing friends, they not only became our friends but also my wife found her job with Ebay through this connection. One of the friends works for them and referred her internally. I am so glad I learned about GABA before I arrived, and joined this event. Since then, I have attended many more GABA events, and all of them were interesting and useful for my business and me personally.

Florian Schoebinger
Kärcher New Venture

Attending and volunteering at GABA events gave me the self-confidence to apply for a bilingual job. After having lived in the Bay Area for many years (22) I had lost touch with the professional German speaking community. GABA was a great reentrance to the multifaceted German institutions and companies in San Francisco. Many thanks for all the help and support during my job search!

Gabriele Lange-Edwards

GABA offers such an amazing opportunity for networking in the Bay Area, both professionally and personally. I am so excited that I found my position as Europe Director an Immigration Law in Mountain View. I met my future boss at the European Networking Mixer in San Francisco which is such a great event! In addition, it is so much fun to be meeting people in the Silicon Valley when volunteering at GABA events. Are you from Europe and do you ever feel homesick? Join GABA and attend their events! It feels a little bit like home!

Antonina Tausch
Alcorn Immigration Law

When I moved to San Francisco for my Masters Degree I did not know much about the tech industry. Through GABA and the opportunity to be a volunteer I learned a lot about this fascinating field and got hooked immediately. By participating and helping at many great events I learned a lot about the tech culture, companies and how to eventually start a career in the Silicon Valley. Besides that, I always felt welcome in the GABA community and I met many interesting people who inspired and supported me along the way!

Aljona Tcherniavskaia
Content Marketing Specialist at Houzz

Howard SchmidtI have been participating in the GABA/TeleTrusT cyber security panel discussion during the annual RSA conference.
I enjoyed discussing the US approach to cyber security with thought leaders from both Germany and the United States realizing that a joint approach to this challenge will create opportunities for a transatlantic cooperation.

Howard Schmidt
Retired Special Assistant to the President, Cyber Security Coordinator at Executive Office of the President, White House


Letter from German Consul General Peter Rothen

Thanks so much for hosting very high value events around the area. As a very active event networker, I find the GABA events of be of a high caliber and ones that generate a high number of contacts for potential business development.

Peter Mullen

We hosted our first event with the GABA together with the Comerica Bank in Palo Alto, regarding “Doing Business in Germany”. This presentation is also on this website. For us it was a huge success. Thanks to the sophisticated distribution channels, more people than expected signed up and to our surprise, even more attended. This has shown us, that GABA really has penetrated the circles in the Bay Area. Once the event started, we could see, that the entire team was very experienced in actually running this event, the food was fresh and in the perfect amount. Caroline and her team were very friendly and knew how to create a hospitable and relaxing atmosphere, which was very important for the networking which followed the official part.

Jörg Kemkes
Steuerberater, Managing Partner, BridgehouseTax


Wir haben erstmalig mit der GABA zusammengearbeitet für die Organisation einer Veranstaltungsreihe in Palo Alto und San Francisco im Dezember 2009. Wir waren über den Veranstaltungssupport sehr zufrieden. Die Organisation war exzellent und die Zusammenarbeit hervorragend. Wir werden auch künftig mit der der GABA kooperieren.

Michael Witte
Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI)
Head Dept. Strategic Marketing

I had the opportunity to attend several networking events with the GABA and it was always worth it!
All the events are well organized, with good content and high level invited guests. The events are not only for the GABA community but for all professionals in San Francisco and Bay Area that would like to increase their knowledge on current topics and network with open minded persons. Thanks to Caroline Raynaud and her team for offering such a quality of events.

Cecile Thirion

Through the GABA Stammtisch we became housemates and trustworthy friends. Mechthild had just relocated from Europe as a Green Card winner, and Elisabeth was living alone after having been an Expatriate in different countries. What we have in common is our cultural background, and the strong will to build a successful career in the Bay Area. The supportive community that GABA provides is key for our success and we will keep coming to the professional Gaba events.

Elisabeth and Mechthild

Wir Questico-Gruender (2 Deutsche, 1 Oesterreicher, 1 Amerikaner) lernten uns im Valley ueber GABA kennen, beschlossen dort, zusammen eine Firma zu gruenden, schrieben einen Businessplan, gingen dann nach Deutschland zurueck und erhielten Venture Capital, machten letztes Jahr knapp 60MEUR Umsatz.

Ulli Kohl
CTO and Co-Founder Questico

Ich hatte auf einem GABA event jemanden kennengelernt, den wir daraufhin anstellten und der dann als Entwicklungsleiter unsere Entwicklung aus der Schweiz in die USA geholt hat. Weil er eben sowohl den amerikanischen als auch den dt. Markt kannte, war er fuer miaplaza besonders wertvoll – und weil er Deutscher war, war er natuerlich auch beim GABA event… Interessant war, dass wir durch andere Kanaele (LinkedIn, etc.) relativ grosses Recruiting betrieben haben, viele Leute interviewed haben, aber uns dann fuer die Person entschieden, die ich auf dem GABA event getroffen hatte.

Johannes Ziegler
CEO miaplaza

At a GABA meeting in December, I met the CEO of Siemens-Fujitsu Computers; we talked about our respective businesses and as a result won him not only as a customer but also as someone who provide a quote for a major press release. Later this fall either he or his CTO will be speaking at one of our conferences in Munich.

Martin Doettling
VP WW Marketing, CollabNet, Inc.

GABA can be proud of itself for all the great events. The topics are very relevant, thoughtfully organized, fun to attend, and the atmosphere is always upbeat. I always go home inspired, and every time I met someone interesting. Last year, I met the CEO of GreenAnalysis at a GABA event at SAP and got a contractor position with GreenAnalysis.

Cornelia Jarica

Since 2004 PSD is Premium Member at GABA. Through the network based in Munich PSD made a couple of placements through people I met at the events or through referrals from people who attend the GABA events. For example in one case I placed the CTO of a Semiconductor company.In addition GABA offers me a professional and open environment to meet and to get know clients (established and new ones) and also candidates on a regular basis.

Dr. Christina Höfner
Director, PSD Group GmbH

GABA was really helpful when we needed advisory for one of our med-tech portfolio companies, redarding market entry and FDA regulations for the US market. We met a specialized consulting agency at a local network presentation in Hamburg a few weeks ago. Right now we are in the Stage of negotiating a strategy and the terms. This was not the only positive example how I benefited form the network.

Claas H Nieraad
Managing Partner New Commercial Room

I have been volunteering for the GABA for almost one year now. I was looking for a position, where I will be able to stay in the professional working environment and improving my English skills. GABA offered me much more than that. On the professional level it gives me a chance to meet interesting people from different cultures and maintaining an international business network in the bay area. On the personal level I gained new friends and it is wonderful experience to be part of an organization, which is constantly growing and succeeding.

Yiman Liu
GABA Volunteer

In 2006, I heard that GABA was looking for volunteers and felt that this was exactly what I needed if I finally moved to the United States. Although I was just on my look&see trip, I met Caroline and decided to apply for the position. Five months later I must say that was a great decision. To work with GABA is the best way for Germans to get in contact with business in US, to proof your abilities in the new environment and enrich the well-structured teamwork of GABA by your experiences. And by the way, attending the GABA events will open your mind to new and interesting topics.

Bianca Lautenschlaeger
GABA Volunteer