Contact Tracing – Virtual Meeting

Technology, implementation, and balance between
low infection rates and personal rights

Thank you for joining our discussion around “Contact Tracing” with an expert panel from Germany and the US.

The contact tracing efforts around the world in various ways and apps has led to many discussion around the subject and around data privacy. See what some of the experts in this field think and hear their take on contact tracing Apps, you can see the event on GABA’s youtube channel if you missed it.

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Women in Business – Virtual Happy Hour


Vielen Dank and Thank You for participating in our first ever Virtual Happy Hour on May 7th! It was great to feel the good vibes of this group!

Please note the link to the chat box that contains participants’ contact info and ideas for books and shows that people recommended for education and entertainment.

I’ve collected a few notes of what we talked about. The questions we discussed were: How are you doing today? What has changed for you, personally and professionally, since the Shelter in Place order started? Seven (7) weeks into this pandemic, the overwhelming response was that the crisis has changed me for the better:

  • It forced out of my comfort zone – I’m using this time to learn something new and to create new patterns: more exercise, like running in nature, regular mediation to start the day, being part of a group that meditates together (as a result of this crisis) has helped me stick with it and form a new positive habit
  • It’s like a big social experiment – it’s blurring the lines between extroverts and introverts – introverted “techie” people like the virtual and appear to be enjoying being social
  • It’s so precious to spend more time with family
  • The neighbors are respectful and friendly – I have met more neighbors than ever before
  • This slowdown has given me time to realize that it’s time to make a change in my career and to seek a new direction
  • Now is a good time to make a change or to add in new things
  • I noticed how little I had done previously other than working – now I am more aware

Please stay safe and healthy! And stay tuned for our next virtual event about women who returned to Germany to live and work.

Viele Gruesse,
Regine Staufenberg
Co-chair GABA Women in Business

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We hope to see you again soon!

GABA Gala 2020

At the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco on Jan 31, 2020

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Interview with GABA Award of Excellence winner Florian Leibert:


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