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Business Development Manager at Teraki

Business Development Manager for automotive OEM’s / Tier1

The Company

Teraki is a Berlin-headquartered, tech-driven company enabling true mobility. We are experts in highly efficient and accurate processing of sensor data at the edge. We stand for innovation in the rapid developing connected car, self-driving and 2D/3D mapping worlds. Teraki provides the data reduction and edge data processing solution for Automotive and IoT applications and enables new applications by reducing costs and lowering latencies. We help our customers to overcome the many challenges of the exploding amounts of data in connected cars from telematic, video and 3D point cloud sensors.

We are passionate about enabling Connected Cars and Autonomous Driving. We work on a fundamental solution that enables automotive applications for Connected and Autonomous cars such as Predictive Maintenance, Crash Detection, Driver Scoring, Object Detection, Sensor Fusion, etc.

Efficiently getting more and better data out of the embedded environments of cars, drones, robots and other IoT devices is our business. Our 100% software solutions have been successfully validated by OEM’s and Tier1’s. First products will be in automotive series productions (SoP) soon.

Teraki provides data reduction software for automotive and IoT (embedded) applications and with that enables the launch of new applications by reducing costs and enhancing performance.

With that we help our customers in the challenges that are posed by the exploding amounts of data in cars, drones, robots, etc. for all telematic sensor-data, video and 3D point cloud. Teraki’s AI algorithms outperform any other technology or competitors as it reduces more raw data; it does that quicker; it does it more accurately; and it does this in environments with low available CPU (processing) and RAM (storage).  Our software enables higher quality of data which leads to higher accuracy rates for detecting relevant events or objects at lower latency.

We focus on the Automotive, Drone and Robotics B2B markets. I.e. OEM’s, Tier2’s, Sensor producers.  In our growing stage, we are looking for a Business Development position to predominantly address the OEM’s, Tier2’s and Technology suppliers in that space and headquartered in the US. Most of these customers / departments will be based in the Bay Area and some in the greater Detroit/Chicago.

Your role and responsibilities

  • Close customer contracts for PoC’s and later on Series Production Contracts.
  • Initiating and following-up of sales activities.
  • Manage on behalf of Teraki the projects with OEM, Tier1 and technology customers.
  • Planning and reporting on progress, timelines, key-deliverables. Advising management on account strategy and priorities. Updating SalesForce CRM.
  • Pitching products and/or services face-to-face, via email or phone to establish rapport and set-up meetings.
  • Develop and negotiate quotes and proposals.
  • Attend conferences, meetings and industry events in order to gather new leads. Be a professional and convincing ambassador of the company.
  • Officially present the company and its products at such conferences.
  • Understand the customers’ needs; priorities; decision makers; decision making process and larger environment.
  • You will work with and directly report to the CCO of Teraki.

Our Requirements

  • Experienced. Shown track record of bus. dev. – long sales cycles and selling new concepts or products to OEMs / Tier 1’s (automotive or drones/robotics).
  • 3- 10 years of work experience in business development in automotive industry. Directly working for or selling to OEM’s / Tier1’s.
  • A relevant network in US-based OEM’s is a prerequisite. Someone who can network around a large corporation such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Tesla, Aptiv, Magna, etc., developing new relationships and managing projects.
  • Independently find, develop and close new opportunities within such organisations.
  • Strong affinity with technology. Automotive; Drone/Robotic; or AV specialist. Affinity with technology (automotive / autonomous vehicles and data) and detailed understanding of Autonomous Driving/Moving technologies and Connected Car concepts.
  • Experienced with selling or marketing digital, software, chipsets. Not relevant are: (non-chipset) hardware, infotainment, user facing applications, tires, chairs, etc.
  • Autonomous – self propelling – self-motivated – self driven. A high degree of own initiative, action-orientation and being self-propelling are ‘must-haves’. You will be working from a remote (home or small) office.
  • Keywords: Connected Car, AD/AV, ADAS, predictive maintenance, telematics data, AI-models, Sensor Fusion, safety related automotive applications, mobility services.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Bay Area.
  • Willingness to travel extensively (within US – predominantly to Michigan, maybe Seattle)

Your Skills and Traits

  • Strong commercial awareness.
  • Headquarters are in Berlin, you will be working closely to and with customers and prospects, i.e. we expect high level of self-propelling and motivation. Demonstrates self-management and motivation. Ability to work semi-independently and be self-propelling.
  • Skills and attitude to work in start-up environment: i.e. not all things are arranged for. Comfortable with lower support / lesser known brand name.
  • It is a relative young company. You should be comfortable with working in such environment.
  • DIY and be creative and solution oriented. Inquisitive. Curious. Aware of market trends and developments.
  • Outgoing, energetic, positive with a ‘hands-on’ and ‘don’t give up’ mentality.
  • Pro-active, independent work approach. Eager to learn.
  • Easy communicator. Outgoing. Flexible in mind and approach. Open to new things.
  • Creative and the ability to find alternative solutions when encountering problems or objections.
  • Good in structuring and administrating work. Disciplined with CRM.
  • Strong communication skills and good understanding of IT & technological concepts of Teraki’s customers and Teraki’s product.


  • Software sales experience to OEM / Tier1.
  • Experience in IoT industries, robotics, drones.
  • Experience with data-driven technologies (AD, ADAS, Predictive Maintenance, Sensor Fusion, Perception, Neural Networks/Algorithms, Remote Control, etc.) or Connected Car technologies.
  • Data-driven experience in the Automotive aftermarket (Fleet management, Connected Cars, Telematics, Automotive Insurance) may be relevant.

We offer

  • Be part of a high growth start-up set for global expansion.Work in the an exciting area of innovation and new business.
  • Team of world leading experts in their fields.
  • Steep learning curve in your role and in the company.
  • High level of autonomy.
  • Start: As soon as possible.

See here for more information and to apply:

Posted Feb 17, 2020