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Andreas Hofmann

Hofmann Andreas

German Accelerator Silicon Valley

A product geek and innovator at heart, Andreas has lived in Silicon Valley for the last 23 years, working in a variety of executive roles at prominent high-tech companies such as Sun Microsystems, Research in Motion and Samsung Research. Throughout his career he has focused on innovations that excite and delight customers and developed, launched, funded and nurtured products that make a difference in users lives. Andreas has launched his own ventures (Kukun) and held leadership roles at a variety of Silicon Valley Startups (Machinify, Amber Labs, ConductXR). Being a Mentor for German Accelerator for the last 6 years enables Andreas guide young German founders in their first steps in the US market and at the same time strengthen the ties to his hometown of Munich, Germany. Today, Andreas is the CEO of German Accelerator Silicon Valley while being the Director of Strategic Content Partnerships at Comcast.