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Clean Technology Industry Group

Increased Interest In Clean Technology

A number of economic and political factors have lead to an increased interest in the clean technology sector, which seems more sustainable than peaks of interest in recent decades:

  • increasing energy demand by emerging economies like India and China
  • increasing oil and gas prices (also the fear of approaching peak oil)
  • instability in many oil supplying regions (Middle East, Venezuela, Bolivia)
  • energy resources being used as geopolitical levers
    (i.e. Russia in Ukraine and Europe, Iran in Russia and China)
  • increased certainty that global climate change is “real” and poses a severe problem


California And Germany Leading Clean Technology Regions

California and Germany stand out as well established leaders and attractive target markets in the clean technology industries. Some of the key areas that are strongly represented are:

  • solar energy
  • wind energy
  • hybrid engines and fuel cells
  • biofuels
  • waste-to-energy
  • water technologies
  • energy efficiency


Events And Workshops

The GABA Clean Technology industry group’s aim is to enable the exchange of ideas & contacts, provide a platform for the discussion of relevant industry trends and foster transatlantic business and relationships between German and US corporations in order to add value to all participating partners.

Seminars, workshops, and conferences are supporting the exchange of business information and enabling synergy by providing a forum for personal contact. On request, our members can provide market analysis and customized consultancy.


Partnerships And Services

Being well aware of the fragmented and diverse nature of the clean technology industry, GABA’s Clean Technology Industry Group is open for partnerships with other organizations or individuals who share its goals.

On request, our members can provide customized consultancy, ranging from market research and entry strategy, distribution agreements or mergers and acquisition.


Clean Tech News And Events

  • renewable energy access
  • solarbuzz
  • photon-magazine
  • clean technology venture network


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For specific questions regarding the Clean Tech Industry Group please contact:

Tracey Grose

Clean Technology IG

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Clean Technology IG

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Clean Technology IG

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