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CTO (AI/SaaS) Startup – SF Bay Area (preferred)


  • The company is a 2-year old SaaS start up working with IBM Watson Technology in developing search capabilities for the spoken word.
  • AI technology searches spoken words to find talk radio stations, news/sports and podcasts discussing the subject the user requests.
  • The company is pre-funding – currently preparing an ICO. Upon funding the full launch is expected within 4 months.
  • Various public personalities are already committed as advisors.



  • The software searches a previously unsearchable part of the internet – the spoken word:
  • It is a disruptive on-ramp for a market of currently 50 million daily talk radio listeners and a fast growing market of podcast listeners. Radio and podcasts will not be the same anymore!
  • Version-1 has been built already in collaboration with IBM & Watson – already available in several languages
  • A working (live) V1-demo is available, i.e. NO further development is required prior to fundraising resp. ICO.
  • IP and Trademarks are protected.



The CTO is expected to

  • Manage the company’s system and technology
  • Maintain interface to IBM & other tech partners
  • Build and manage the engineering team



Prior experience in

  • AI, Big Data, SAAS
  • (ideally) experience with ibm/Watson technology.
  • Working in a Startup
  • Managed a team
  • Blockchain experience would be a plus



  • Coin/Equity & Cash (upon ICO).



  • Open – however San Francisco Bay Area preferred (founders in Bay Area).


For further details contact

Posted Jan 30, 2018